Welcome to the KANG’S SUNRISE T.K.D!  This special Institute is dedicated to maintaining high quality martial art instructional standards and the continued advancement and promotion of  Tae Kwon Do.  To elevate the public’s understanding of this ancient art; research for advancement of physical techniques, better health, moral character and personal discipline is being explored.  One of its responsibilities is to develop programs for all types of individuals, so they can benefit from MAUSA Tae Kwon Do and its teachings.  This Institution is unique in that it strives to help all to become a champion of their life; to develop one’s full potential mentally, physically, and philosophically; to be successful in one’s education, family, work, etc.  Ultimately, the goal is self-improvement, happiness, harmony, and world peace.

Our institution could not continue to grow without everyone to give their best effort to improve their selves and the endless support and participation of its members, instructors, students, their families and friends.

I personally believe that you are a responsible and caring person.  This is evident by your becoming a KANG’S SUNRISE student.  Your instructor is certified by the KANG’S SUNRISE ‘s strict code of qualification and is highly trained in genuine martial arts.  Together we have made it possible for KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do to be available in your community.  We are demonstrating that we care and we hope to set an example for others to follow.  Our hopes are that when we share the spirit of people helping people, our community will grow strong and peaceful.

I believe with all my heart that responsible individuals, such as yourself, can make the difference in our world.  With the consistent practice of KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do, one becomes a healthy and sound individual, who is able to get the best out of his or her life and help others to do the same.  With an awareness of one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health, together we can eliminate violence and bring peace in the world.

Head Master Kang



The study of  KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do Program will make you strong in body, mind, and spirit.  This art is a guide for the formation of outstanding character.  It will develop within you a stronger love for our country, justice and righteousness.  We don’t develop strength to prove ourselves or show off to others.  We become stronger to live our life humbly, directing our energy towards the KANG’S  SUNRISE  Tae Kwon Do Philosophy: be honest; always stand for justice, respect and help each other, be loyal and courteous.  For these goals and the goal of continuous improvement in ourselves our spirit must be indomitable, and this we must never forget.

I hope to inspire you to achieve your personal goals and objectives and use KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do as a tool and art for your daily life and to help you become a champion of your life.  Like any other tool, what you learn from KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do will be useless unless you use it! Consistent practice will develop discipline within you to help you keep a positive attitude and persevere in both times of difficulty and of calm.  Actively following and practicing KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do Principles will help you achieve all your goals and priorities.

Remember, you are not an expert; you are just beginning to learn.  When you actually start performing the KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do movements you may realize that sometimes these skills don’t come easily or automatically!  They require patience and consistent effort.  It is also common for beginners to expect too much from themselves there by creating negative feelings of disappointment or frustration.  If you get a feeling of being uncoordinated, awkward or possibly inadequate don’t worry.  You are not alone!  Ninety-nine out of one study Tae Kwon Do have experienced those feelings.  They will soon pass.  If you don’t experience these feelings consider yourself very lucky!

Communication is essential for a proper teacher/student relationship and effective learning to take place.  If by chance you ever have a question or a need you should ask me or a leadership trainee for assistance.  I am here to help with all your needs hundred people who.

With earnest effort, sweat and practice you will receive from KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon do far more than you might have expected.  This is more than a guarantee.  Later on, you will be saying these same things to a beginner.

Welcome to our KANG’S SUNRISE Tae Kwon Do Team.  Starting now, Tae Kwon Do is your art, Good Luck!

Head Master Kang

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